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Solar Rockwall is a new marketing company for the installation of solar panel systems in Rockwall County. We specialize in this area where net metering is available to most people. Net metering allows the homeowner to sell extra energy their solar panels produce over the amount they use back to the energy company. The amount of money paid varies depending on which utility company is used.

From time to time, utility companies may offer rebates and incentives for getting solar installed. This is often on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Federal Government currently offers a 30% solar tax credit for installing a solar panel system. This also covers battery backup should you decide to get solar batteries.

About Solar Rockwall
Some of the parts of a solar panel system. Micro-inverters, control box, and racking system are missing.

If you are looking to get a solar panel system from Solar Rockwall, we will be able to help you from start to finish. Our top priority is the customer satisfaction we provide the customer.

When you call us at Solar Rockwall, we will help you with a new solar panel system with battery backup.